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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Man arrested for attempted rape, couple leaves drugs in store

Man arrested for attempted rape, couple leaves drugs in store

Sulphur Police Chief Ken Moss reported that from August 3 to August 4, 2004, the officers of the Sulphur Police Department investigated one traffic accidents resulting in two injuries, arrested one DWI and issued thirteen traffic citations.

Officers also reported one burglary, four thefts and several disturbances. These calls led to the arrests of ten people.

At approximately 8:15 Tuesday morning the Sulphur Police were notified of an attempted rape at a residence in the Maplewood area. Officer Matt Rosteet went to the residence where he met with the victim. Officer Rosteet was told that the victim had heard a knock at the door and when she answered, she found Karl Edwards of Lake Charles, at the door.

Mr. Edwards asked to use the phone and the victim allowed him into the home. The victim said that she knew Mr. Edwards and had allowed him to use the phone in the past. After entering the home, Mr. Edwards made a phone call then asked to use the restroom. After coming from the restroom, he asked to make another call and she told him he could. After making this call, he attacked the victim when she turned her back to him. The victim bit Mr. Edwards' hand and resisted the attack.

The victim's young son also came to his mother's defense and ordered Mr. Edwards to leave her alone. Mr. Edwards the told the victim that he had made a mistake and told her not to call the police. She told him that she would not and he then left the residence. The victim immediately notified the police and her husband. Officer Rosteet then put out a description of Mr. Edwards to the other officers so they could begin a search for him. Sgt Curt Cahoon was enroute to the area for the search and as he passed the Radio Shack store on Cities Service Hwy., he saw a man matching the description of the suspect coming from some bushes behind the store. Sgt Cahoon Stopped his patrol car and identified the man as the suspect, Karl Edwards, and arrested him. Mr. Edwards was taken to the Sulphur City Jail where he was booked in for attempted forcible rape and several other charges.

At approximately 9:15 Tuesday morning Officer Michael Molitor was dispatched to O'Reilly Auto Parts on East Napoleon Street in reference to a recovered bag of drugs. When Officer Molitor arrived he spoke with the store manager and found that a man and woman had been in the store earlier and bought some auto parts. When they left, they forgot a bag on the counter that contained a number of narcotics and paraphernalia.

As officer Molitor was getting this information, a man and woman walked into the store and the manager identified them as the owners of the bag of drugs. When the two saw officer Molitor, they began walking toward the door. Officer Molitor called out to the man to stop but he did not. Officer Molitor called out to him again and walked toward him.

The man then walked out the front door and began running from Molitor. Officer Molitor tackled the man in the parking lot and the man resisted officer Molitor and began fighting with him. Molitor called for back up and was finally able to get the man back on the ground and arrested him. The man, Adam Arnold of Sulphur, was charged with numerous narcotics offenses and the lady with him, Kimberly Broussard of Vinton, was also arrested and charged with narcotics offenses. Both were taken to the Sulphur City Jail and booked in.

If you have any information concerning these, or any other crime, please contact the Sulphur Police Department at 527-4550 or call the Sulphur Police Tip Line at 528-1022 or you can call CRIMESTOPPERS 439-2222.


Arnold, Adam Age: 21 1328 Patch St. Illegal Possession of Marijuana With the Intent to Distribute; Illegal Possession of CDS Schedule II (Cocaine) With the Intent to Distribute; Illegal Possession of CDS Schedule IV (Xanax) With the Intent to Distribute; Illegal Possession of a Legend Drug (Soma) With the Intent to Distribute; Resisting and Officer; Battery of a Police Officer

Ashworth, Shannon Age: 38 1708 West Burton St. Remaining After Being Forbidden; Resisting an Officer

Bertrand, Clinton J. Age: 21 1021 Cass St. Illegal Possession of Marijuana

Broussard, Kimberly Age: 22 2541 Big Woods - Edgerly Rd. Vinton, La. Illegal Possession of Marijuana; Illegal Possession of a Legend Drug (Soma)

Davis, Amy M. Age: 30 255 Tillie LeDoux Rd. Careless Operation; No Driver's License in Possession; DWI

Edwards, Karl D. Jr. Age: 34 724 Caravelle Ln. Lake Charles, La. Attempted Forcible Rape; Simple Battery; Illegal Possession of CDS Schedule IV (Cocaine); Illegal Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Guillory, Jeromie D. Age: 25 2010 Medora St. Warrant

Knauf, James S. Age: 41 305 Evelyn St. Sulphur, La. Warrant

Trahan, Veronica Age: 41 452 North Johnson St. Outstanding Bench Warrants

1 Juvenile Resisting an Officer; Battery of a Police Officer


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